Oct 02

Horror Movie Review – The Ouija Experiment

Title: The Ouija Experiment, aka The Realm
Genre: Horror, Found Footage-ish
Director: Israel Luna
Writers:  Israel LUna
IMDB Link:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2364842/


This was a movie that I stumbled upon perusing some streaming service or another. I suppose if you run a search for the title, it will tell you where it’s playing or where you can get it.  Honestly, even though IMDB gives it a 3.4 out of 10, I actually enjoyed the movie. I’d even watch it again!

Here’s the setup.  There’s a film student (already annoying, lol) who plays with a Ouija board with his four friends.  Why?  They want to solve the mystery of a drowned girl that happened some time ago. I’m really fuzzy on the details because, well, it just didn’t matter to me after a while.

Let me say upfront…it’s not scary.  The acting is bad and the found footage-ish way of filming can by annoying at times.  I don’t know if it was the mood I was in, but I thought the film was rather cute. I liked the dynamic of some of the actors, and the self-aware of “I’m a black person in a horror movie” of the black actress was pretty funny at times.

I felt the first hour was quite strong in the way it set up the story.  The actors did a pretty good job for a low budget movie that looks like it was filmed in somebody’s house on the fly. In addition, trivia for the movie suggests the actors’ lines were mostly improvised during this first hour.  They didn’t do a half-bad job!

As I noted above, when the scary stuff starts, the black actress is the best.  She really made me laugh.

A note on the dialogue:  this was the best part of the movie.  The conversations and rapid exchanges seem real and unrehearsed.  Also, the actors have such a good sense of timing, they did not stumble over each other’s lines as is often the case in the found footage movies where the lines are improvised.  I just liked hearing the characters chit chat with each other.

Otherwise, the film and its eventual reveal of the long-ago murder was rather flat and boring.  Do not watch this movie if you are looking to be frightened.  It won’t happen.  If you watch it at all, watch it for the actors’ performances and how they interact.

Film Grade:  D

Actors Grade:  B for snappy dialogue.




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