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May 31


Time for me to take a deep breath.  I’ve got two (count ’em) two stories out on submission that I’m waiting to hear yay or nay and I’ve gotten ideas for two more stories. A writer FB friend of mine, Kassanna lit a fire under my writer bootie when that very day I’d been at …

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May 20

Lazy Sunday Meme – The Power of Four

It was one of those weekends.  I’m burnt out from editing and revising a WIP ( a never ending process that I declare ends today!)  Then I discover that my poor, poor blog hasn’t been touched since goodness knows when. I have no ideas….it’s MEME time! This is a real easy one based on the …

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Apr 20

Free for all Friday – Take A Bow

  It’s Friday and I must say this has been some week. Despite the super high temps on Monday here in the Northeast USA, dental surgery and various family mishaps, I finished a story.  Finished.  Fin. Now, the editing process begins, the tweaking, the second guessing, etc.  However, I will gladly embrace this part of …

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Mar 29

I had to let it happen…I had to change…

I was a beginning writer once.  Heck, I still think I’m a beginning writer, sometimes.  I also have a lot of contact, both on and off the interwebs, with other writers, beginning writers, hobby writers,  and the like. In my past life as a teacher,  I tend to be the person to whom people came …

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