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Jan 07

5 Fandom Friday – Goals for 2017

It’s been a while since I posted a 5 Fandom Friday, but this is as good time as any to get back into the swing of things.  Plus, if I type up these goals, I have something to refer back to as the year goes on.  While I love some sticky notes, nothing is more …

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Oct 06

Blogtoberfest – Vampire Sangria

Hello again!  So glad to see y’all along with me for the ride of 31 days of Halloween blogging, or, as I call it……BLOGTOBERFEST……..   Today’s recipe is not a mocktail, but a straight up liquor fest.  It was a choice between this and chocolate martinis.  I chose this because it looks like fruit punch.  …

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Jan 12

Music Monday: Favorite Frank Sinatra Song Quotes

I’m not sure if I’ve done this before, but I was going through some old playlist and got to remembering.  Yes, I love Fuel, The Police, Imagine Dragons, Hozier and some new/old stuff, but some of the time I switch to the old 1940-1960s song book of The Chairman of the Board, Ol’ Blue Eyes …

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Oct 21

Gotham Recap – Viper

Hello!  Back again for the next episode of Gotham:  Viper. The episode opens with Alfred asking young Bruce to go for a walk.  As always, Bruce is concentrating on solving the murders of his parents and cares not for fresh air and sunshine.  (I’m wondering, when does this little dude do his lessons?  He seems …

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Jun 03

June is National Candy Month

June is National Candy Month.  This is a mouth-watering topic if I’ve ever seen one.  Yes, I am a grown adult, but there’s something about indulging in childhood candy that sends you back in time.  So, grab your Walkman and if you want to go further back, get that Aqua Net hairspray to make those …

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