Aug 02

Summer Series Watch – Stranger Things

Stranger ThingsI think I’m the kind of person who’s just over “regular” TV.  I’m sick of these fake reality shows.  Sorry, but no one’s life is that interesting for me to watch week after week after week.  And anyone who actually thinks these reality shows are real…well, I don’t have much to say to that either.

That being said, I’ve rediscovered the joy of an actual story which doesn’t include someone getting told off or embarrassed to bring high ratings.  The good shows are not only on Netflix and Hulu, but some of the premium channels manage to bring some quality programming also.

Today I’m chatting about Stranger Things on Netflix.  When I read about this series in a friend’s status on Facebook, I rushed to my Roku to watch it.  What a show!  Even the title font evokes the feeling of those old Stephen King paperbacks and old push button wall telephones.  I’m only two episodes in, but I’m hooked.

Why only two episodes when the entire season is ready to go?  I tried to binge watch.  It doesn’t work.  There is so much to absorb and think about with these well written shows.  I just can’t watch one after the other after the other.  Thinking about a  story after it is over is the afterglow of seeing a good show.  I see each episode as an experience.  When you rush from one experience to the other, one doesn’t fully absorb all the nuances of each.

So, I’m two episodes in and I’m pretty pleased.  If you’re a fan of the 80s and Super-8, then this show is for you.  When my son walked in while I was watching it, he told me it looked like The Goonies.

Take a watch, if you’re a mind to.  Here’s the trailer.



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