Jan 31

Music Monday – Top 5 Elton John Songs

Since I did Billy Joel last week, it’s only fair that I praise my other favorite piano man, Elton John.  I first heard of Elton John (to know he was Elton John) during the eighties. Upon further exploration of his discography, I discovered that I had been enjoying his songs for quite a while, even though I hadn’t known who he was.  This was back in the olden times of radio and DJs….

Without further ramblings, here’s my top five mix of Elton John songs. As always, they are in no particular order.



I’m Still Standing

Rollicking upbeat elton.


Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

The vocal riff of “Oh…oh…oh….” is what sells it.


The One

“All I ever needed was the one……”


Candle in the Wind

His tribute to Marilyn Monroe, and later Princess Diana, still brings a tear to my eye.


Rocket Man



Honorable Mention – Bennie and the Jets


And there’s my faves from Elton John..  Have any Elton John favorites?  Drop them in the comments!


Peace, Love, Unity



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