Jan 23

Music Monday – Top 5 Billy Joel Songs

Heidi-ho, it’s music Monday and I’m here once again to thrill and wow you with my musical choices.  Today’s list comes from my piano lessons as a youth.  I began piano lessons at the age of five.  I hated them.  But then by the time I was in middle school, I’d discovered Billy Joel, and thought that I, too, could be  Piano Man.  Alas, that did not work out, thankfully, I think, but that hasn’t tarnished my love for Bill.  Take a gander at my favorite songs (at least today) from this artist. The list is in no particular order.


Piano Man

The song that started it all.  For some reason, I was fascinted by the fact that you could sing and play the piano.  (Bear with me,I was kinda young at the time.)


Downeaster Alexa

The music beneath the melody just makes you feel like you’re bracing yourself against the sway of a rolling boat.


Goodnight Saigon

A sad song about lost, broken, lives.


River of Dreams

In the middle of the night….



That jabbing synthesizer rift….

“You have to learn to pace yourself.”


And there’s my faves from the piano man.  Have any Billy Joel favorites?  Drop them in the comments!


Peace, Love, Unity



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