Category: Tuneful Tuesdays

Jan 10

Terrific Tuesday – Best Book to Movie Adaptations

Greetings and salutations! Today I’m going to talk about some of my favorite book to movie adaptations – just like it says on the tin.  I love books and I love movies, and when the two come together, it touches a chord in me that cannot be duplicated.  I won’t tarry on a long-winded introduction: …

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Jul 14

Tuneful Tuesday: My Top Songs of the 60s

Another week is started and once again I try to revive this old blog.  Each time I declare that I’m going to post regularly, but you know what?  I’m going to take it easy and post when I can. Today’s post is inspired by the break I was taking to day from writing.  As I …

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Mar 11

Tuneful Tuesdays – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I loved this song when it came out because of Cyndi’s don’t give a durn attitude and her style. I also liked the way the video included different types of women – giving you the feeling that if you were in the vicinity while they were filming, Cyndi might have pulled you into the video …

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Feb 04

Tuneful Tuesdays – Cover Songs – Cum on Feel The Noize

I did a post last month referencing cover songs that become more famous than the original.  After doing a bit of research for that post, I discovered there was a plethora of songs that were covered that I had no idea were covers.  Therefore, I decided to feature a couple for Tuneful Tuesdays.  I hope …

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Mar 20

Tuneful Tuesdays – Billie Holliday

  “Better look out,” he said. “I know Lady, and when she starts crying, the next thing she’s going to do is start fighting.” – Louis Armstrong Talk about hitting all the marks.  It’s Women’s History Month, Tuneful Tuesdays, and the sun in Aries.  What could be better? Billie Holliday.  If you don’t know, then …

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Mar 13

Tuneful Tuesdays – Cher

Yes, I am late with my blog posts, so I have to double up.  If I double up and force myself to produce three to four a day to catch up, perhaps I’ll think twice next time about skipping a day. Today’s tuneful Tuesdays is in honor of a woman who I have always admired.  …

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Mar 06

Tuneful Tuesdays – Eighties Songs

Hi everyone! I was inspired to do this feature by fellow Evernight author Carolyn Rosewood, who also has this feature on her blog.  I mean, really, for someone who has over 4000 songs in  my music library (I have two terabyte external drives.  TWO. )  I really, really like music. So, here are a few …

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