Oct 21

Blogtoberfest: Vincent Price’s Rap Career

skeeze / Pixabay

If you are a horror fan from way back, and lived in the New York area, certainly you remember the 4:30 movies on WABC, channel 7.  They aired after The Edge of Night and were all those cheesy 70s movies we know and love.  Oftentimes, they would have a “theme week:”, such as Godzilla week, Gamera week, Monster week, Planet of the Apes week etc.  I always loved the Vincent Price/Edgar Allen Poe week.  It was a fun, not too scary, kinda cheesy introduction for kids to horror films.

From then on, whenever I saw Vincent Price, I knew something scary or sinister was about to happen on-screen.  Michael Jackson must have had the same experience, because he tapped Mr. Price to do the “Thriller Rap”. Here, Mr. Price recreates his part on the Joan Rivers’ show, the first time he’s done it on television.  And the laugh.  The laugh.


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