Oct 08

Blogtoberfest- My Shorts! 3 Mini Horror Films That’ll Make You Change ‘Em

I am not a huge fan of horror on YouTube, I’m usually searching for new music.  My daughter, however, is a YouTube aficionando, as are most thirteen-year-olds. Following this, she had introduced me to the world of mini-horror films.  Mind you, I was only able to watch these in the middle of the day, sitting at the dining room table.  However, some of them are so well done that they stayed with me long after.  Now, remember I freak out easily at anything slightly horror and therefore you might not find them as scary as I do, but it’s a good place to start.  Boo!


First up is the short flim on which the movie Lights Out is based.  Yes, we want to save on our electric bill, but do you really want to turn out the lights.





The second film is called The Moonlight Man.  It begins as a cliched walk through a deserted parking and ends up as something a little….well, you’ll see for yourself.



The third and final film is called Look See. The creepy factor of this little gem is really off the charts.  




So there you go.  Three short horror films which are definitely not for the faint of heart….the faint of heart being me!




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