Oct 20

Blogtoberfest – Poor Fellas and Gals: Dog Halloween Costumes

skeeze / Pixabay

I have a dog.  I think she’s a rather judgy dog.  She doesn’t like it when I dress her in her winter coat, even though as a pit bull, she has zero undercoat and needs the insulation in the colder weather.  Still, the eyeballing she gives me as she stands there in her Land’s End insulated doggy coat. I mean, come on, what dog can’t look good in Land’s End outerwear?  Not Athena.  She hates it, and makes it clear she hates me for putting in on her.  

However, I won’t be a party to dog Halloween costumes.  I find them unwieldy,  a pain to put on and something that can really be only worn once a year.  The dogs, themselves, seem so….pitiful yet revenge filled when you snap that picture.  After one year of one of my dogs dressing as something or other (I really don’t remember), I’ve learned my lesson.  However, some humans never learn.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

All Pictures courtesy of PartyCity.com, except where noted.

Yoda’s looking like he could drink from the toilet at any moment.

This TinMan looks sad enough to be the REAL TinMan.

Oh yeah, this Superman dressed dog is totally JUDGING you.

This dog has just decided to give in and roll with it, baby.

Harley Quinn? Or is it Doggy Quinn?



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