Oct 13

Blogtoberfest – Not Just “IT”: More Creepy King Stories

From what I’ve heard  is that the new IT movie is pretty scary.  I  have to say “from what I’ve heard’ because I haven’t seen it yet.  Nothing like seeing something scary on the big screen to scar you for life and I’m not as young as I used to be.

While being scared on the screen is fun, being scared from words on a page can be even more fun.  Yep, I just touted reading above movie watching and you all know how I LOVE reading.  Following this, Stephen King has written just a tad few more stories than IT that are guaranteed to take you over the creepy/scared line.  Here are five of my favorites.




From Nightshift 

Graveyard Shift – Whose nose doesn’t twist at thethought of working in a mildewy, dark, damp basement?  Bonus points:  it’s hot and there’s rustling in the walls.  This is a story that will make you wash your hands after you’ve finished reading it.  Don’t forget the hand sanitizer.


Grey Matter – Strange things can grow in beer – something about those hops – and when you guzzle one down without thoroughly examining the contents, bad things happen.  I promise you’ll pour your beer in a glass after reading this one. Gross, scary body horror.

Sometimes They Come Back – Like a little melancholy with the heebie-jeebies?  Well, this story is perfect for you.  A man gets revenge for something that happened in his childhood, but remember, the devil is hell to pay.

Skeleton Crew

The Raft – Those of you who’ve seen Creepshow 2 are familar with this story.  Yes, the charactersare archetypes and the whole thing reads like a B-movie script, but you won’t be so eager to jump into the lake next summer, now will you?

The Monkey – Short, but gets under your skin.  A haunted toy monkey does….bad things, for lack of a better term….to those who find it and wind it up.  I’ve always found those mechanical toys weird anyway, so to find out this monkey was haunted was no big surprise.


And just like that, we;’ve come to the end of our Blogtoberfest visit!  Check out some of these King shorts that I mentioned.





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